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DNP, dual-position plug assembly

1.0 mm core/2.2 OD jacket POF

DNP, dual-position plug assembly

AMP dry, non-polish (DNP) optical fiber terminations and device mounts are a proven line of products very popular for use with 1000 Ám jacketed simplex and duplex plastic fiber. These are the most commonly used DNP components in the AMP line that we stock as replacement components for our IF LMH and IF SD11 products and for OEM use.

Application: Indoor point-to-point communications, sensor and security applications where a non-polish connection is desired

Manufacturer: TE Connectivity

Part Number: 228088-1

  Part Number: 228088-1
Price (each)

 1 to 49 $ 2.39 
 50 to 99 $ 2.19 
 100 to 249 $ 2.09 
 250+ Request a Quote
Ferrule Polymer
Ferrule Holder Polymer
Retention Nut N/A
Crimp No - Internal retention clip
Epoxy No
Termination/Polishing Hot knife with fixture, or polishing
Number of Fibers 2
Unit Value
Optical Fiber Size mm 1
Jacket Diameter mm 2.2
Approximate Weight g 9.07

Performance Criteria for Acceptance
[ Test Conditions ]
Unit Value
Storage Temperature No Physical Deterioration
[ in a Dry Atmosphere ]
° C -40 ~ 60
Operating Temperature No Deterioration in Optical Properties
[ in a Dry Atmosphere ]
° C -40 ~ 60

RoHS Certification: Yes
Instruction Sheet
RoHS Certification: Yes