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Fiber Optic Demonstration System (Plastic Version)
Introductory 10-day module for middle/high school technology education

The Fiber Optic Demonstration System is Industrial Fiber Optics' introductory fiber optic technology module. This tried and proven academic module comes complete and ready to use. All an instructor needs is a classroom and students. This curriculum includes the very latest in the rapidly changing fiber technology field such as: fusion splicing techniques; fiber connector technology; optical power splitters; wavelength division multiplexing; fiber termination tools and procedure; and fiber optic testing and test equipment.

Hands-on activities immerse students in the technological aspects of: voice transmission over fiber; analog and digital data transmission; Morse Code over fiber optics; optical fiber characterization; fiber sensors and applications; bending losses in optical fibers; optical fiber termination and polishing; and attenuation in optical fiber. Each of the 10 independent activities in this curriculum includes:

  • Working experience and experiments with fiber optics and associated components
  • Historical and technical reading assignments
  • Problem solving and students worksheets
  • Team activities
  • Homework and investigative research
  • Web fiber optic tours and projects


  • Versatile curriculum format (metric and SAE dimensions)
  • 10 comprehensive activities including lighting, sensor and communication fiber applications
  • Full-color student manual and instructor guide w/answer sheets
  • Solid-state, low profile transceivers capable of analog and digital operation
  • Low-voltage transceiver operation
  • Color-coded electrical connections
  • Low-power LED technology for safety
  • Instructor's manual includes color-coded answer sheets
Note: Utilizing 1 mm plastic optical fiber and red-light producing LEDs, this model creates a low-cost and foolproof system ideal for educational use. The plastic core fiber cable used in this module is nearly indestructible and is used in many industrial communications applications. The fiber cable we have provided with this system requires no connector terminations, further simplifying educational use.

The Fiber Optic Demonstration System comes complete with the following items: two fiber optic analog/digital transceivers, eight fiber lengths 1 to 10 meters, 40 Ám and 3 Ám polishing film, 110 VAC-to-12 VDC power adapters*, color-coded electrical interconnecting leads, AM/FM radio, sensor reflection cards, two permanently bound student manuals, instructor's manual in a sturdy 3-ring binder with answer sheets.

*220 VAC adapters will be furnished upon request.
  Fiber Optic Demonstration System (Plastic Version)
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Part Number: IF DS100P
Price: $575.00

Replacement Parts are available.

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Also available in a glass fiber model.

Fiber Optic Demonstration System (Plastic Version)