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Fiber Designer's Duplex (bi-directional) Kit
Complete fiber optic data link using 1 mm POF and connector-less LEDs and detectors

A 'creativity-friendly' kit for technicians, experimenters, scientists and enterprising students who are searching for a quick solution for prototypes or special-purpose interfaces requiring fiber optics capabilities.

This duplex version of the Fiber Designer's Duplex Kit contains 2 LEDs, 2 detectors and a duplex fiber cable, making it capable of sending bi-directional signals, or two channels of data in one direction.

This very low-cost 'active link' requires a single +5-volt power supply and interfaces with all TTL/CMOS logic. The operable range of this kit can be extended to 60 meters with additional cable purchased separately.

Kit includes: 10 meters of 1000 Ám plastic optical cable (Eska™ SH4002); efficient dry, non-polish connectors, bulkhead interfaces, and splices; 2 integrated photodetectors and LEDs; top-quality multi-layer printed wiring boards; complete instructions; and technical data sheets.

  Fiber Designer's Duplex (bi-directional) Kit
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Part Number: IF DD11
Price: $120.00

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