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Digital Photometer

Photometers are essential equipment in any in-school research or technical principles programs.

A versatile and economical classroom tool for measuring power levels of laser beams, demodulating optical signals for audio applications and solar experiments. The battery power, portability and adjustable height detector head of this model offer particular flexibility.

The photometer is powered by two standard 9-volt batteries and offers four digital measurement scales from 20 microWatts through 20 milliWatts. Output to industry-standard banana jacks is a conditioned electrical voltage that is directly proportional to light incident upon the photodetector with a frequency range up to 10 kHz. (The analog output can be connected to a strip chart recorder for solar monitoring, to an oscilloscope for observing time-dependent optical signals or to an amplified speaker for voice transmission.) The photometer will also act as output to industry-standard banana jacks.


  • Large, easy-to-read digital display
  • Four measurement scales from 20 microwatts to 20 milliwatts
  • Large active area detector
  • Sensitive to visible and IR light
  • Battery operation for portability (100-plus hours operation)
  • Momentary switch for long battery life
  • Adjustable detector height
  • Impact-resistant enclosure
  • All solid state detector with electronic design

Photometer comes complete with storage container, metal optical stand for the detector, instruction manual and batteries. The housing is 16 x 9.5 x 6.5 cm in size. Operating temperature is 10-30 C

  Digital Photometer

Part Number: IF PM
Price: $210.00

Operator's Manual