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Laser RF Video Receiver

Receiver for decoding/converting optical signals into electrical

Industrial Fiber Optics manufactures multiple laser receivers designed to decode information transmitted via laser beams, then convert that information to electrical or audible forms.

  • For use with Industrial Fiber Optics' WBS laser only. Laser part number is IF UL08 635
  • Used with the IFO WBS laser for reception of TV picture and sound over a single laser beam.
  • Includes receiver, power adapter, coaxial cables and instruction guide.

  Laser RF Video Receiver
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Part Number: IF VR2
Price: $175.00

Industrial Fiber Optics combines this receiver WBS Laser, optical RF video receiver, coxial cables, power adapters and an instruction booklet for setting up a VCR-to-Laser-to-Receiver-to-TV link as a group package. See link below:

Operator's Manual
Link to laser:

WBS Diode Lab Laser