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WBS Laser Video Project 0.8 mW / Class II
Demonstrate TV picture and sound transmitted over a laser beam

The WBS Laser Video Project is a dynamic educational laser project that will sharpen any student's interest in laser and communication technology. With this project you can demonstrate to students versatility of laser/optical technology by the simultaneous transmission of color video picture and sound over a single optical beam.

Project contains laser, optical receiver, power adapters, two Type-F connector coaxial cables and instruction guide.

The laser contained in this project is as versatile a product as can be found for the educational market. With a very wide electrical modulation capability and multiple input jacks, this laser can be used for multiple optical communication demonstrations such as: voice communication; AM/FM radio transmission; video from camcorder; RF video from VCR; and digital line-of-sight computer links

In addition, the laser in this project can be used to conduct regular laser, optics and fiber optic experiments which demonstrate properties such as:
  • Refraction and reflection
  • Light shows
  • Tyndall's light-guiding-in-water experiments
  • Speed of light measurement
  • Critical angle determination in materials
  • Convergence and divergence of lenses
  • Polarization of light
  • Measurement of Brewster's angle
  • Perimeter security using laser beams

Laser features include:

  • Semiconductor lasing element and all solid-state electronic design for a long dependable life
  • Bright 635 nanometer wavelength laser beam
  • Standard electrical input jacks
  • Electrical overdrive protection on all inputs
  • Linear polarized light beam
  • Tamper-resistant screws for safety
  • 4-year limited warranty

WBS Laser Video Project

Part Number: IF UL08-635X
Price: $425.00

Industrial Fiber Optics is the only company that produces such a laser in its portfolio.

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Project includes:

WBS Diode Lab Laser
IF UL08 635

 CDRH Classification  Class II
 Polarization  Linear
 Laser Emission Color  Red
 Laser Mode  TEM00
 Operating  Unit  Value
 Input Voltage  V 10 to 15
 Input Current  mA 60 to 125
 Wavelength  nm  635
 Optical Output Power, Nominal  mW  0.8
 Power, (min/max)  mW  .75 / .90
 Beam Diameter  mm  4
 Beam Divergence  mRad  1
 Digital Bandwidth  Hz 7 k - 15 M
 Analog Bandwidth  Hz 100 - 70 M
 Mechanical  Unit  Value
 Operating Temperature  ° C  0 - 40
 Housing  cm  5.6 x 7.5 x 22 cm