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Fiber Optic Crimping Tool

Tool and dies for ST/VersaLink/SC connectors with standard POF cable.

Crimp tool and die set for swaging the following connectors/splices to POF cable:

  • Avago Technologies POF VersaLink connectors for POF
  • IFO fiber splice (IF 420090)
  • Older IFO ST connectors (IF CST)

All the connectors mentioned above mate to industry-standard jacketed POF (1.0 mm core/cladding diameter with 2.2 mm jacket OD).

The die set contains four cavities (measured in inches):

  • .128 hex
  • .137 round
  • .151 hex
  • .190 round

The .128 position is used for ST connectors and splices; .190 position is used for VersaLink (simplex and duplex) connectors; and .137 round and .190 round are used for SC connectors.

Crimper tool will have red or blue handles.

VersaLink is a proprietary connector originally developed by HP and now part of the Avago Technologies fiber optic product portfolio.

  Fiber Optic Crimping Tool
Part Number: IF 370045
Price: $78.00