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Fiber Optic Crimping Tool, SMA/ST

Tool and die set for crimping SMA and ST connectors to 2.2 mm OD diameter POF cable.

The crimping tool contains a die set to precisely affix our low-cost SMA and ST fiber connectors to industry-standard 1.0 mm core/cladding diameter with 2.2 mm OD jacket. Die set contains five crimp cavities: 0.052 (1.32 mm), 0.068 (1.73 mm), 0.100 (2.54 mm), 0.213 (5.41 mm), 0.255 (6.48 mm). The .100 hex cavity is used for our SMA (51 0053) and ST (51 0067) connectors.

Crimper tool will have red or blue handles.

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  Fiber Optic Crimping Tool, SMA/ST
Part Number: IF 370046
Price: $78.00