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Epoxy, 4-gram A-packs

Prepackaged epoxy ideal for bonding plastic optical fiber and cable.

Bonding to the unique structure of PMMA plastic fiber core is difficult, so a special adhesive is called for. Industrial Fiber Optics has prepared a special epoxy that adheres well to fluoropolymer cladding and to all jacket materials, plus does not embrittle the PMMA fiber core. Our epoxy comes in 4-gram A-packs, which allows mixing to be done inside a 2-section pouch.

  Epoxy, 4-gram A-packs
Part Number: 40 0005
Price (each)
 1 to 4 $8.00 
 5 to 24 $7.20 
 25 to 99 $6.40 
 100+ $5.60 

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