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IR (infrared) Detection Card 950nm

Credit card size indicator for viewing IR light.

An IR detection card is a great addition to the tool box of any technician who works with fiber optic systems using infrared. This card contains a phosphor optimized for use in the 880 nm to 1064 nm wavelength range. (It is much bright than the IF 850052 in this wavelength range.)

No charging needed. Phosphor in the card absorbs IR light and continuously re-emits its energy in a visible green wavelength. No need for charging and recharging with UV light. Phosphor's peak sensitivity at 950 nm makes it ideal for detecting the IR output of consumer electronics remote controls. The card also can be used to detect a wide range of radiometric power levels, from very low levels (when observed in a darkened room), to the hundreds of microwatt power level outputs from IR LEDs, to tens of milliwatts of collimated IR laser outputs. The only constraint is not overheating the card. Its temperature should not exceed 70 C for extended periods. When working with high- powered lasers, the green wavelength emitted by phosphor is ideal for use with laser safety goggles which filter the red and IR parts of the spectrum but are permeable to green.

* Spectral bandwidth (S = 10 % of SMAX) 830 - 1100 nm

  IR (infrared) Detection Card 950nm
Part Number: IF 850053
Price (each)
 1 to 4 $15.00 
 5 to 24 $13.50 
 25 to 99 $12.00 
 100+ $11.25 
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