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OLS 1-1C Optical LED Light Source

Noyes 660 nm light source for testing plastic optical fiber

The Noyes OLS 1-1C LED light source is an inexpensive, practical instrument designed for performing insertion loss measurements on fiber optic links when used with an optical power meter. The OLS 1 is easy to operate with only a single, three-position power switch that selects one of the two wavelengths, or turns the unit off. A pilot light glows while the unit is on, and a low-battery light flashes to indicate a low-battery condition. The OLS 1 has two LED output ports, one with an 850nm light source for multimode glass cables and the other with a 660nm light source for 1mm plastic core cables. Both light sources are stabilized to ensure accurate test results, and they have ST™ terminations*. Weighing in at only nine ounces, this rugged and compact light source is ideal for field use. It operates for more than 80 hours on a typical 9V alkaline battery, or an optional AC adapter is available for extended use.

AC adapter is part number 4050-00-0111

* For testing fiber patch cords with connections other than ST™, Industrial Fiber Optics can make you a custom patch cord with ST™ on one end, and a user-selected connection on the other.

  OLS 1-1C Optical LED Light Source
Part Number: OLS 1-1C
Price: $427.45

Noyes Technical Specification