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OPM 4-1D Optical Power Meter

Noyes Optical Power Meter for plastic optical fiber

The Noyes OPM 4-1D optical power meter may be used to measure optical power in all plastic fiber optic applications. When used with an LED or laser light source, the OPM 4 can also measure the attenuation (insertion loss) of any multimode optical fiber. Simple to use, the OPM 4 stores reference settings for each calibration wavelength. An easy-to-read LCD display shows optical power (dBm or W) or insertion loss (dB) and the calibration wavelength (nm). The optical input port accepts Noyes thread-on style connector adapter caps. Adapter caps are required and must be ordered separately. The OPM 4 is fully N.I.S.T. traceable and runs on a standard 9-volt alkaline battery. Features include:

  • 660, 780, 850 nm
  • Short wavelength (SI) photodetector
  • Battery powered
  • Small size
  • Displays power (dBm or W) or insertion loss (dB)
  • N.I.S.T. traceable
  • This item will take approx 10 working days to ship because the calibration occurs after receipt of payment and an order

Replacement for the OPM 4-1C

Optional Connector adapter caps for purchase include: ST™, SMA, Biconic, Universal 2.2 mm for plastic optical fiber, Universal 2.5 mm for many connectors such as FC.

  OPM 4-1D Optical Power Meter
Part Number: OPM 4-1D
Price: $560.00

Noyes Technical Specification