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Fiber Preparation Fluid

Nonflammable replacement for IPA improves cleaning of optical fiber

  • Nonhazardous Optical-Grade Solvent
  • Ideal for Wet/Dry Connector End-Face Cleaning
  • Ideal for Cleaning Bare Fiber
  • Safe on Glass, Metal, Epoxies and Circuit Boards
  • Dissipates Static Charges
  • Easy Shipping - Nonhazardous Formulation Avoids Hazmat Issues
Fiber Prep Fluid from MicroCare leads the industry for cleaning fiber before splicing. Unlike competitive solvents, this optical-grade fluid has been engineered specifically for cleaning glass fiber prior to fusion splicing or termination. Nonflammable and plastic-safe, it also is ideal for cleaning residues from connector end-faces after polishing.

The cleaner is a safe, fast-drying, ozone-safe replacement for alcohol cleaners. It easily removes buffers, dust, oil, grime and moisture from fiber optic cable.

The packaging of this product is as functional as the solvent. It incorporates the unique Triton™ 3-way dispensing valve that allows users to dampen a cleaning swab, wet a wipe, or spray the solvent, all from the same package. The package is also TravelSAFE™ so these pump sprays can be shipped, even by air, as non-hazardous materials, which saves money.

  Fiber Preparation Fluid
Part Number: FPF-03M
Price: $15.00

Material Safety Handling Sheet