Mating Sleeve, Versatile Link Polymer

All fiber optic cables with Versatile Link terminations

Mating Sleeve, Versatile Link Polymer

Application: Suitable for plastic optical fiber.

Manufacturer: Avago Technologies

Part Number: HFBR-4505Z

  Part Number: HFBR-4505Z
Price (each)

 1 to 49 $ 2.55 
 50 to 99 $ 2.35 
 100 to 249 $ 2.00 
 250+ Request a Quote

Ferrule N/A
Ferrule Holder Polymer
Retention Nut N/A
Crimp N/A
Epoxy N/A
Termination/Polishing N/A
Number of Fibers 1
Unit Value
Optical Fiber Size mm 1
Jacket Diameter mm N/A
Approximate Weight g 9

Performance Criteria for Acceptance
[ Test Conditions ]
Unit Value
Storage Temperature No Physical Deterioration
[ in a Dry Atmosphere ]
° C -55 ~ 85
Operating Temperature No Deterioration in Optical Properties
[ in a Dry Atmosphere ]
° C -55 ~ 85

RoHS Certification: Yes
Manufacturer's data sheet

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