Mating Sleeve, Versatile Link metal

All fiber optic cables with latching Versatile Link terminations

Mating Sleeve, Versatile Link metal

This component is designed to utilize the latching feature of some Versatile Link connectors such as HFBR-4503Z and HFBR-4513Z. The standard HFBR-4505Z does not have that feature.

This sleeve has the same hole size as the standard HFBR-4505Z and can be used in pairs with all Versatile Link duplex connectors.

Application: For connecting all plastic and glass core Versatile Link-terminated fiber optic cables.


Part Number: 51 0137

  Part Number: 51 0137
Price (each)

 1 to 9 $ 8.10 
 10 to 49 $ 6.89 
 50 to 99 $ 5.90 
 100 to 300 $ 4.82 
 300+ Request a Quote

Ferrule N/A
Ferrule Holder Stainless Steel
Retention Nut Stainless Steel
Crimp N/A
Epoxy N/A
Termination/Polishing N/A
Number of Fibers 1
Unit Value
Optical Fiber Size mm N/A
Jacket Diameter mm N/A
Approximate Weight g 9

Performance Criteria for Acceptance
[ Test Conditions ]
Unit Value
Storage Temperature No Physical Deterioration
[ in a Dry Atmosphere ]
° C -55 ~ 100
Operating Temperature No Deterioration in Optical Properties
[ in a Dry Atmosphere ]
° C -55 ~ 100

RoHS Certification: Yes
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