Splice/Connector Consumables Kit
Replacement materials for IF 505A & IF 527A Technology Modules

This kit contains consumable items that are used by students in completing exercises in the Splicing and Connector Module.

Kit contains the following: 15 2-meter 1000 Ám core plastic fibers, 15 fiber splices, 30 ST fiber connectors, 40 Ám and 3 mm polishing film.

These are replacement parts consumed or worn down in activities involving the IF 505A and IF 527A modules. The ST connectors included in this kit are not usable with the older IF 505 or IF 527 Technology Modules; the original IF 528 is available for those kits. Alternatively, a replacement die set for your crimp tool is available to use this kit with the legacy IF 505 and IF 527 Technology Modules.

  Splice/Connector Consumables Kit
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Part Number: IF 528A
Price: $185.00

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