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Micro-Strip Stripping Tool

Stripper for POF cable with .5 mm core and 1.0 mm OD diameter jacket

The Micro-Strip™ tool is the best hand tool on the market for removing jackets from plastic optical fiber cable. It contains an internal tube guide to center the fiber cable, plus two blades with circular precision-ground cutting surfaces to cut and separate the jacket from the optical core. Because the blades are fabricated as a matched set, nicking the fiber core or cladding is not possible.

  Micro-Strip Stripping Tool

Part Number: 37 0091

  Part Number: 37 0091
Price: $81.00

This tool is configured for removing jacket from plastic fiber cable with a .5 mm core and OD jacket of 1.0 mm, such as Super Eska™ SH2001 and Eska™ Premier GH2001.
Replacement Blades - Part Number: 37 0072

Eska™ is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Chemical
Micro-Strip™ is a registered trademark of Micro Electronics, Inc.

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