Connector-less design for industry-standard POF cable w retention nut

Any plastic optical fiber cable with 2.2 mm OD

Connector-less design for industry-standard POF cable w retention nut

For use with plastic optical fiber cable with a 2.2 mm OD jacket. Utilizes a collet/cinch design for holding the fiber cable like our highly successful LED and photodetector line. This mating sleeve is designed to mate 2.2 mm OD jackets without stripping jacket from fiber ends.

Includes retention nut for panel or bulkhead installation.

Application: Replacing damaged fiber segments; combining two different fiber lengths; bulkhead or patch panel connections

Manufacturer: Industrial Fiber Optics

Part Number: 51 0242

Replaces the IF CS4

  Part Number: 51 0242
Price (each)

 1 to 49 $ 5.92 
 50 to 99 $ 5.34 
 100 to 249 $ 4.74 
 250 to 499 $ 4.44 
 500 to 999 $ 4.15 
 1,000 to 4,999 $ 3.85 
 5,000+ $ 3.55 

Ferrule N/A
Ferrule Holder
Retention Nut Stainless Steel
Crimp No
Epoxy No
Termination/Polishing Cleave or polish before insertion
Number of Fibers 1
Unit Value
Optical Fiber Size mm N/A
Jacket Diameter mm 2.2
Approximate Weight g 5

Performance Criteria for Acceptance
[ Test Conditions ]
Unit Value
Storage Temperature No Physical Deterioration
[ in a Dry Atmosphere ]
° C -40 ~ 85
Operating Temperature No Deterioration in Optical Properties
[ in a Dry Atmosphere ]
° C -40 ~ 85

RoHS Certification: Yes
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