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Sample Request

Because Industrial Fiber Optics deals in 'hard' commodities, we are able in some instances to offer samples of our products to potential buyers. For example, we can provide up to one meter of optical fiber as well as actual specimens of some LEDs and photodetectors. We do not offer samples of our educational components because of their cost. In that case, of course, we do allow prospective purchasers to download pdf versions of the educational kit manuals so they can evaluate the products before making any decision to buy.

To request samples, please complete the form below. Requests will be reviewed and, if approved, samples will be shipped in three to five business days of receipt. Shipping is to be pre-paid by customer or can be shipped on provided UPS, FedEx, or DHL courier account. We furnish no-cost samples on a limited basis, at our discretion, to companies (not individuals) doing business in the U.S. and Canada.

Limited to 3 samples per customer. Fiber samples will be a standard 1m length.

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