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Equipment & Resources

Industrial Fiber Optics is a world leader and expert in polymer and large-core silica optical fiber and manufacturing assemblies. We specialize in providing leading edge solutions and manufacturing technology products such as industrial networking cables, illumination fibers and bundles, medical assemblies and optical sensors. With our on-site engineering, manufacturing and distribution facility we can support customer's needs with either standard products, raw materials or components, or manufacture OEM customized assemblies.

Engineering and Manufacturing Resources:
  • US manufacturing facility and highly trained
  • Engineering design and process team for designing products from proof-of-principle to full scale manufacturing.
  • Full-featured, integrated ERP manufacturing and account software with material traceability and serialization capability
  • 10k and 100k cleanroom facilities
  • Extensive inventory of raw fiber/cable and cable terminations
  • Supplier agreements for the world's leaders in polymer and large-core silica optical fiber and cable suppliers
  • Prototype and production fabrication equipment including mill, lathe and Swiss-screw machine machines
  • Extensive optical testing and mechanical inspecting equipment
  • Fully staffed and equipped quality department

For additional help finding a solution, please email Arnold Reyes at sales@i-fiberoptics.com or call 480 804 1227, ext. 209. Please include any drawings that you may have.

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