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Warranty Information

  • Industrial Fiber Optics' warranty liability is limited to repair or replacement of any defective unit at the company's facilities, and does not include attendant or consequential damages. Repair or replacement may be made only after failure analysis at the factory. Authorized warranty repairs are made at no charge, and are guaranteed for the balance of the original warranty. The warranty will be voided if any of the components have been damaged or mishandled by the buyer. Warranty on kits is specified in the manual for each kit.
  • Please note that some vendors of products we sell make occasional cosmetic changes to items without advising us immediately. Functionality of the products is not affected in any way, but cosmetic changes may not be reflected on our website until we learn of them.
  • Industrial Fiber Optics will pay the return freight for warranty repair within the continental United States via UPS. Any other delivery means must be paid for by the customer. The costs of return shipments for products no longer under warranty must be paid by the customer.
  • If an item is not under warranty, repairs will not be undertaken until the cost of such repairs has been approved, in writing, by the customer.
  • Repairs on items returned under warranty will be expedited.
  • When returning items, please include a daytime phone number and a return shipping address.
  • When returning items for analysis and possible repair, please do the following:

    Send an email after reading the instructions on the Repairs & Calibrations Page.

    In a timely manner, you will be contacted by an Industrial Fiber Optics representative, who will provide you with a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. Please write the RMA number on the outside of the packing box before shipping.

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