POF Transmissive 1 mm core
M4x0.7 + M2.6x0.45 SS sensing tip
DC-1000, 2 +/- 0.05 m

, IF FP1AA1U02AAN-02-0, , m
  Each kit includes two (thru-beam) transmissive cables with lockwashers, nuts and a fiber cutter. Pricing below is for each kit. The cables are used by pointing the two sensor tips toward each other and detecting an object passing between them. The cables have a 1 mm plastic optical core fiber with a 2.2 mm polyethylene jacket. The sensor ends are stainless steel with M4x0.7 mounting threads and M2.6x0.45 threads for mounting a range extending lens if desired. The standard length for each cable is 2 meters which is trimmed to length with the included fiber cutter. Longer lengths, custom configurations, custom sensor ends and terminated control ends are available to meet customer requirements.

Part Number: IF FP1AA1U02AAN-02-0

Part Number:
IF FP1AA1U02AAN-02-0
Price (each)
 1 to 4 $28.88 
 5 to 9 $25.99 
 10 to 24 $23.10 
 25 to 99 $21.66 
 100 to 249 $20.22 
 250 to 499 $18.77 
 500+ $17.33 

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    • 1 µm polish sensor ends ensure high optical coupling efficiency
    • 100% Optically tested and inspected
Fiber Cable 1 DC-1000
Fiber Cable 2 -
Connector 1 M4 x 0.7 + M2.6 x 0.45
Connector 2 none (cut to length)
RoHS Compliant YES
  Unit Value
Length m 2 +/- 0.05
Optical Loss dB/m 0.2 @650nm
Operating Temperature ° C -40 to +70
Storage Temperature ° C -40 to +85
Fiber Tensile Strength N 90
Connector Retention Force N N/A
Allen Bradley Cross Reference - 43PT-NJS56FS
Banner Engineering Cross Reference - PIT46U
  • Many options are available for individual (transmissive) and bifurcated (reflective) cables. These include core diameter, length, jacket type, temperature range, flexibility and a diverse number of sensing tip styles.
  • In addition to standard cables, custom OEM assemblies can be manufactured to customer specifications. Please fill out the Custom Products OEM Form for a quote.

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