POF Transmissive 1.5 mm core
M4x0.7 SS sensing tip
DC-1500-22, 2 +/- 0.05 m

, IF FP1AA1U03AAN-02-0, , m
  This part number includes two transmissive cables with lockwashers, nuts and a fiber cutter. They are used by pointing the two sensor tips toward each other and detecting an object passing between them. The cables have a 1.5 mm plastic optical core fiber with a 2.2 mm polyethylene jacket. The sensor ends are stainless steel with M4x0.7 mounting threads. The standard length for each cable is 2 meters which is trimmed to length with the included fiber cutter. Longer lengths, custom configurations and terminated control ends are available to meet customer requirements.

Part Number: IF FP1AA1U03AAN-02-0

Part Number:
IF FP1AA1U03AAN-02-0
Price (each)
 1 to 4 $35.33 
 5 to 9 $31.80 
 10 to 24 $28.26 
 25 to 99 $26.50 
 100 to 249 $24.73 
 250 to 499 $22.96 
 500+ $21.20 

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    • 1 µm polish sensor ends ensure high optical coupling efficiency
    • 100% Optically tested and inspected
Fiber Cable 1 SH6001-2.2
Fiber Cable 2 -
Connector 1 M4x0.7
Connector 2 cut to length
RoHS Compliant Yes
  Unit Value
Length m 2 +/- 0.05
Optical Loss dB/m 0.2 @650nm
Operating Temperature ° C -55 to +70
Storage Temperature ° C -55 to +70
Fiber Tensile Strength N
Connector Retention Force N N/A
Allen Bradley Cross Reference - 43PT-NAS58FS
Banner Engineering Cross Reference - PIT66U *1
* 1 PIT66U has lens adapter threads
  • Many options are available for individual (transmissive) and bifurcated (reflective) cables. These include core diameter, length, jacket type, temperature range, flexibility and a diverse number of sensing tip styles.
  • In addition to standard cables, custom OEM assemblies can be manufactured to customer specifications. Please fill out the Custom Products OEM Form for a quote.

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